Mandarin Teacher in USA

Mandarin Teacher / Teaching Assistant Exchange Program

Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan)
(Released on 05/06/2011)

(Photo provided by the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan, FICHET)

1.  Program Mission:

To promote Mandarin education and appreciation of Chinese culture, the Ministry of Education (MOE), Republic of China (Taiwan) will provide assistance to experienced Mandarin teachers and teaching assistants from Taiwan to teach Mandarin courses in the United States.

2. Participant Qualifications:

A. Mandarin teachers:  Holders of a Certificate of Teaching Mandarin as a Foreign Language from the Ministry of Education, with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from a Taiwan or an accredited foreign university.

B. Mandarin teaching assistants:  Registered graduate students in a Mandarin teaching related major in a Taiwan university and/or holder of a certificate verifying 90 or more hours of training in a Teaching Mandarin as a Foreign Language program offered by a Taiwan university.

3. Salary and Benefits:

A. Salary will be provided by host schools in the U.S. which may also include local health insurance coverage and accommodations.

B. Additional stipend from MOE: A monthly stipend (US $1,200 for teachers, and US $600 for teaching assistants) will be provided by MOE.

C. At the beginning of the exchange contract, participants will be granted one round-trip airfare.

D. The Mandarin teachers will have a one-time teaching material subsidy of US $300 by MOE.

E. The contract is for one year, and may be extended for a second year. During the second year of the contract, participants will receive a monthly stipend only from the MOE.

F. Participants will be responsible for obtaining an appropriate visa to travel and related fees.

G. Participants will be responsible for local taxes, local rules, and regulations regarding taxation.

H. If the exchange is part of a signed MOU, the salary and benefits will be provided based on the mutually agreed terms as specified in the MOU.

4. Application Process:

A. The Education Division receiving the request for exchange should submit all related information to the Ministry for posting of the available position three months prior to the commencement of the contract date.

B. The host school should send a request letter to Education Division including:

(1) Beginning and end dates of contract;
(2) Course content and teaching hours;
(3) Number of teachers needed;
(4) Qualification requirements;
(5) Salary and benefits (including accommodations, health insurance, tax, opportunity to take free courses on campus etc.);
(6) Required application materials (including resume, curriculum vitae and/or copies of certifications); and
(7) Application deadline and contact person information.

C. The Ministry will post the information upon receiving submission from the Education Division.

D. The candidates should send all required materials to the Education Division as followed:

Education Division
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston
99 Summer Street, Suite 801
Boston, MA 02110

E. The Education Division will forward related materials to host schools for review and selection. The host school will notify Education Division in writing regarding the selected candidate(s).

G. The Education Division will notify the Ministry of the selected candidates. The Ministry will notify the candidates regarding contract signing and the follow-up procedure.