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Call for Submissions: Apr. 1-15, 2022

The 27th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition of Taichung City臺中市第27屆大墩美展將於4月1-15日開放報名 Regulations and Entry Form:簡章及報名表 PDF copies of Regulations and Entry Form:簡章及報名表PDF

2022 Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (HES): Education Division, TECO-Boston

2022 HES Guidelines Application Date: Feb. 1 – Mar. 31, 2022 The Ministry of Education (MOE) in the Republic of China (Taiwan) established theHuayu Enrichment Scholarship (HES) program to encourage international students(except Mainland China,...

2021年中華民國新版晶片護照說明 The 2021 e-passport of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

2020年1月武漢肺炎疫情爆發以來,許多國家對入境嚴格審查,為避免中華民國護照遭誤認為來自中國,影響持照人旅外權益與便利性,外交部爰於2021年1月11日發行新版晶片護照,調整護照封面設計。新版晶片護照封面,將英文國名「REPUBLIC OF CHINA」環繞於國徽外圍,並放大「TAIWAN」字樣,進一步提升護照封面的「台灣」辨識度,至護照內頁及防偽設計則維持不變(圖一)。 Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2020, countries around the world have tightened border controls. To prevent holders of Republic of China (Taiwan) passports from being mistaken for...