Faculty Position in Department of Power Mechanical Engineering National Tsing Hua University國立清華大學動力機械工程學系徵聘教師啟事

The Department of Power Mechanical Engineering at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, R.O.C., invites applications for full-time tenure-track faculty positions (assistant, associate, or full professor) in the following areas: Mechanical Design and Manufacturing (welcome applicants with expertise in mechanical design, engineering design, precision engineering, mechatronics, and so on), Electrical Engineering and Control (welcome applicants with expertise in robotics, machine learning, electric machinery, and vehicle control), Thermal Science, Fluid Mechanics and Energy, and Solid and Nano-micro Mechanics. Prospective applicants should currently have a doctoral degree (PhD.), or will obtain one within the next 6 months. Additional salary bonuses will be awarded to the new faculty member with outstanding academic records. Applicants who submit their materials before February 11, 2020 will be considered for the position with the starting date of August 1, 2020. Any application material received after the due date will be considered for the next term.

  • If interested, please submit the following application materials:
    1. Abstract of curriculum vitae, CV Abstract
    2. Checklist
    3. Curriculum vitae (please specify intended rank of position)
    4. Publication list
    5. Selected publications (please send PDF files, up to 5 papers)
    6. Two reference letters (sent by regular mail or e-mail in PDF format before February 11, 2020)
    7. A copy of doctoral degree certificate, or a letter stating the expected graduation date with the signature of the applicant’s thesis advisor
    8. Transcripts or academic records of both undergraduate and graduate studies (optional for applicants of associate and full professor position)
    9. A statement of teaching interests with course outlines. For applicants who have teaching experience, course evaluation results may be supplemented.
    10. A statement of research interests and plans
    11. Other materials that help demonstrate the applicant’s accomplishments such as certificates, awards, patents
    Note: Further review process will only commence if the preceding application materials are complete.

The aforementioned application materials should be received by February 11, 2020. All the application materials (except reference letters) should be sent in PDF format by e-mail to the Faculty Recruiting Committee, E-mail: pmerecruit@pme.nthu.edu.tw.
Phone: 886-3-5719034 (Contact Ms. Liang)
Fax: 886-3-5722840
E-mail: pme@pme.nthu.edu.tw
For further information regarding the tenure-track position please visit the Department website: http://www.pme.nthu.edu.tw


國立清華大學動力機械工程學系誠徵教師數名,助理教授以上(含),需求領域如下: 機械設計與製造領域(歡迎機械設計、精密機械、機電整合等領域專長申請)、電機與控制領域(歡迎機器人、機器學習、電動機械、車輛控制等領域專長申請)、熱流與能源領域、固體力學與微奈米領域。申請者需具有(或半年內即將獲得)以上相關領域專長之博士學位。本系針對學術成就卓著之傑出新進教師,額外提供彈性薪資獎勵。欲於2020年8月1日起聘之申請者,請於2020年2月11日前將資料寄達;若於截止日期後繳送資料,將至下一次徵聘討論。

  • 應檢具資料:
    1. 申請者個人資料簡表 CV Abstract
    2. 申請資料清單(checklist)
    3. 履歷表(請註明應徵職級)
    4. 著作目錄
    5. 代表性研究論文(最多5篇,請寄pdf檔)
    6. 推薦函兩封(可以郵遞或e-mail pdf檔方式寄達本系,請於2020年2月11日前寄達本系)
    7. 最高學歷證件影本或預定取得學位之證明(須經指導教授簽名)
    8. 成績單影本:大學(含)以上(申請副教授職級以上者得免附)
    9. 教學計畫書與可授課之課程大綱(申請人若有教學經驗者可加附教學意見調查結果)
    10. 研究興趣與研究計畫書
    11. 其他有助於申請之資料(如:得獎與專利)
    註: 以上資料完整之申請者方予審查


E-mail: pme@pme.nthu.edu.tw