2019 Taiwan Scholarship Program

2019 Taiwan Scholarship Program


The Ministry of Education (MOE), Republic of China (Taiwan), established the Taiwan Scholarship Program to encourage outstanding international students (excluding students from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau SAR) to undertake degree studies in Taiwan so as to familiarize themselves with the academic environment in Taiwan and promote communication, understanding and friendship between Taiwan and countries around the world.

2. Award

The Taiwan Scholarship Program awards outstanding international students undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Taiwan by awarding each recipient as follows:

  • Tuition and payment of academic fees, including credit fees.

Upon validation of tuition and above fees, each recipient receives one tuition grant per semester up to NT $40,000. If the total amount of the fees should exceed NT $40,000, the remainder of all costs shall be covered by the recipient, whereas any amount over NT $40,000 is the sole responsibility of the recipient. Tuition and academic fees do NOT include any of the following: administration fees, thesis advising fees, insurance premiums, accommodations, or Internet access, all of which are payable by the recipients.

  • Subsistence allowance:

The scholarship grants each recipient undertaking undergraduate studies a monthly stipend of NT $15,000; it offers each recipient undertaking postgraduate studies a monthly stipend of NT $20,000.

3. Deadline:

Applicants should send the following documents from January 17 to April 31, 2019 to the following address:

Education Division

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston

99 Summer Street, Suite 801

Boston, MA 02110

4. Application form: 2019_Taiwan_Scholarship_info_pack簡章公告