National Central University annually offers a summer program as a part of its goal to enhanced global education.
We offer an intensive program mainly consists of classroom lectures for learning Chinese language, visits to corporate sites, and field trips to cultural and historic places in Taiwan. Through the coursework, international students will have opportunities to better understand the dynamic aspects of Taiwanese culture.

The Office of International Affairs offers Student Ambassadors (buddy system) to help international students adjust to the new environments. students will have many opportunities to interact with Taiwanese students during the program and they will also be able to share their experience
The buddies do numerous activities for the international students, including picking them up at the airport, helping them get acquainted to the NCU campus, providing academic help and practical information.

An assignment will be given during the Chinese Language Course. The course examination results will be listed on your official academic transcript. The NCU Summer Program is designed to be equivalent to:
3-credit, 3-week program (equivalent to 54 hours)
8-credit, 5-week program (equivalent to 144 hours)
Each student who successfully graduates from NCU Summer Program will receive a Certificate of Attendance and Achievement

Apply at :

The deadline for registration is 30th April, 2018