Brown University Holds Transpacific Taiwan International Symposium

Brown University held the second “Nexus Taiwan” conference “Transpacific Taiwan: An International Symposium” on November 14, 2016. “Nexus Taiwan” is a joint program of the Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Brown University to promote Taiwan research. Brown has invited several international scholars engaged in Taiwan Studies to share and discuss research findings. 

“Taiwan and the Pacific” and “Global Indigeneity” were forum topics. In “Taiwan and the Pacific” session, Dr. Matt Matsuda, Rutgers University, delivered the opening speech “Does the Pacific Include Taiwan?” in which he expressed Taiwan’s participation in the international community from Education programs with the Pacific countries. Dr. Tonio Andrade’s talk “An Island and Five Empires” analyzed the history of Taiwan, ruled by the Netherlands, Spain, Kingdom of Tungning (Zheng Dynasty), Qing dynasty and Japan, from 17th to 20th century. Taiwan played an important role during five empires domination and colonization.

Dr. I-ping Liang, National Taiwan Normal University and Dr. Yuan-chao Tung, National Taiwan University were invited to share studies on Taiwan aborigines’ culture during “Global Indigeneity” session. Dr. Liang delivered “Island Encounters: A Comparison of Global Indigeneities between Taiwan and the Americas” speech, in which she talked about “Rover Incident” and “Southern Cape Treaty” signed by Taiwan aborigines and America in 19th century. Dr. Tung spoke “Returning to/Reconnecting with the Source: The re-orientation of Museums in Taiwan,” and shared experience the ways to promote Taiwan aborigines’ culture.

Ambassador Chas Freeman, Dr. Robert Lee, and Dr. Mariaelena Huambachano from Brown University, and Dr. Emma Teng, Massachusetts Institute of Technology also provided commentaries and discussed in different historical and cultural views. Many in the audience raised questions as they interacted with the speakers during the Q&A session that followed.

From left to right: Ms. Levina Huang, Education Division, TECO-Boston; Dr. Rebecca Nedostup, PhD Candidate, Brown University; Dr. Yuan-chao Tung, National Taiwan University; Dr. I-ping Liang, National Taiwan Normal University; Dr. Caroline Frank, Brown University; Dr. Matt Matsuda, Rutgers University; Dr. Mariaelena Huambachano, Dr. Robert Lee, Brown University; Dr. Emma Teng, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ms. Cynthia Huang, Director, Education Division, TECO-Boston.

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